Post-workout snack

Everybody knows that we need protein to build muscles, so after I worked out, I make sure I eat my protein. Drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars is great, but not everyone has that at home. So a tip for a good after workout snack is quark because it’s a good source of protein. I usually add fruits or berries with it  so make it extra healthy and tasty, enjoy! IMAG2076 IMAG2081


Bring your own food to school/work

To avoid eating unhealthy in school, I try to bring my own food. It’s usually not that hard to prepare the day before and it definitely better than buying fast food! Tomorrow I’m bringing vegetarian burger with broccoli and a fruit salad. (Ignore the fact that I burned the burger, haha)IMAG2023
Healthy snacking tips:
– Protein bars
– Rice cakes
– Carrot sticks
– Fruit/fruit salad
– Protein shake

What makes you happy?

1. Do what makes you happy
It doesn’t matter if you have a job where your earn a fortune if the job is making your unhappy. Of course sometimes we need to do things that we don’t like, but make sure that you try to do what makes you happy, because in the end that is what really matters.

2. Be around people who makes you feel good
Don’t waste your time being with people who are bringing you down, don’t appreciate who your are or constantly bringing bad energy into your life. Instead, find the people who care about you and have your best interest in mind.

3. Be optimistic
Think positively as much as you can. Do not worry about things that are not necessary worrying about. It’s like using an umbrella when it’s sunny! And don’t think too much about things that happened in the past that you should have done, because there is no way you can change the past. No way.

4. Be healthy
A healthy body gives a healthy mind so try to eat healthy, exercise regularly and get the rest you need. Always listen to your body and take well care of it.

5. Prioritize your time
Sometimes we get a bit too much to do which makes us stressed out and unhappy. Remember that we are only humans, we can’t do everything! And especially not at the same time. Make sure you don’t have too much on your plate by allowing yourself to say ‘no’ sometimes, because there is nothing wrong with that.

My favorite sushi place

The best sushi in the Netherlands can be find at a restaurant called Sumo. Me and my friends go here a little bit too often because it’s so good! They really have all kinds of sushi, from octopus to fried sushi with mayo on top. Sumo could be find in all the big cities in the Netherlands. So if you live in the Netherlands or ever come to visit, then you really should try their sushi!

Workout playlist

Listening to music while working out is essential to me. I think it’s super boring without music! So today I’m sharing my workout playlist from Spotify, tt’s very mixed but I find it very motivating, enjoy!


Workout clothes from H&M

Personally, I’m a big fan of H&M’s workout clothes because of the fair price and their quality! I remember I bought a sports top from there for over 4 years ago and it still looks really good (and I washed it like a hundred times). So I highly recommend H&M if you don’t wanna spend too much money on sport clothes! These are my absolute favorites from H&M at the moment.kollege

Tips: Hårtvätt vid träning

Om du tränar ofta så måste du även duscha ofta. Detta sliter självklart på håret. Fick ett tips från en tjej att tvätta håret utan schampoo några gånger i veckan.Testade det och märkte faktiskt skillnad på håret dagen efter. Tvättar nu håret med schampo varannan dag. Bra tips för träningsfreak eller folk som duschar lite för ofta!3761877701_a3858973a7_z