Banana pancakes

My friends and I tried to make banana pancakes and it was a great success! These pancakes are soo good and healthy so I thought I would share the recipe with you. It’s super easy, all you need are egg and bananas! Never mind that all my pancakes turned black. Tips: Don’t walk away from the stove, they will get burned.

What you need for one person:
2 Eggs
1 Banana
Oil/coconut oil
1. Mix the banana with the eggs until the batter is smooth.
2. Put the pancakes in a pan. Approximately 2 min per side.IMAG15593. Feel free to add nutella or whatever floats your boat. Enjoy!


Pictures from today

Hope you all also have had a great Saturday! Today I went to the Zoo in Arnhem with my boyfriend’s family and then we had dinner at a great Chinese restaurant. So after a long day, me and my boyfriend are in bed watching the movie Flight (great movie btw). Here are some pictures!IMAG1246IMAG1363IMAG1338IMG-20150502-WA0008
Scones with cream and strawberries for breakfast, so good!

Holiday time!

Holland is such an awesome country which allows you to have a week of vacation in May. I’m super happy! So right now I’m with my boyfriend in Nijmegen (east of Holland) to visit his parents for a few days. It’s gonna be really fun. Enjoy your weekend everyone!
Bord Nijmegen

Gym time

My boyfriend and I dragged ourselves to the gym today to workout. I trained a little bit of everything but focused mainly on arms (triceps and biceps). I can really feel that my arms are tired now so it’s time to rest because tomorrow is leg day and it will be painful but good! By the way, I really like my red tights from Nike, they are really different from all the other non colourful tights I have (although they do kinda make me look like a red traffic light!)IMAG1196IMAG1198IMAG1194