Gym time

My boyfriend and I dragged ourselves to the gym today to workout. I trained a little bit of everything but focused mainly on arms (triceps and biceps). I can really feel that my arms are tired now so it’s time to rest because tomorrow is leg day and it will be painful but good! By the way, I really like my red tights from Nike, they are really different from all the other non colourful tights I have (although they do kinda make me look like a red traffic light!)IMAG1196IMAG1198IMAG1194


Breakfast time

Good morning! Today is a looong ass day for me so I’m preparing by eating a good breakfast. I have to recommend this tea for my readers in the Netherlands because it’s heerlijk! It is called ‘Italiaanse Amaretto thee’ and it can be bought in De Tuinen. It’s a tea from real pices of dried fruit so it feels very healthy and tasty. However, have a nice day!