Beautiful day in the city of Utrecht

Today was one of the warmest days I have ever experienced in October ever! (Notice that I’m Swedish). Jacketless and with sunglasses on, me and Mandy went out for lunch at the panncakehouse at Oudegracht. And what is the best desert after having panncakes? Wafels of course. With a lot of nutella. 50 kilos later I’m back home, studying on a Saturday night. Pathetic or ambitious? Perhaps a combination of both..IMAG0143 IMAG0144 IMAG0148 IMAG0159 IMAG0151 IMAG0154IMAG0155

So, so, so stupid!

Yesterday me and Mandy realized that the trip to London left one day before (friday) when we thought it was on saturday! So we missed the whole trip and get no money back.. No London for us.. Really confusing since the date on the ticket said the 11th.. However we made it up by going out for dinner, drinking wine and eating home-made bananasplit and watching the Oc. Today we’re going to Eindhoven to shop til we drop!


One more try!

Okey let’s try one last time to keep this blog alive! 

At the moment I’m back in the Netherlands and doing my second year at the Hogeschool van Utrecht. It’s really nice to be back here and get back into my regular routines (eat, sleep, rave, repeat). Or not. More like eat, sleep, eat, study, eat, train, sleep, eat repeat! Not really sure where I’m going with this post but anyways.. Tonight I’m going to London with my dear friend Mandy. I’m so excited and are getting ready for the trip by drinking a lot of tea in ridiculously small cups and eating scones with jam. Very British instead.